Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mi'kmaq Arseneault Memory

Growing up I always remember my dad talking about one of my great grandmother's being Mi'Kmaq, but of course he wouldn't call her that. He would say about how "un de mes grandpere" was married to an indian way back when. That's why he has "le nez indien" and he would hold his hand up to his nose and make a sort of L shape with his index finger and his thumb that was meant to show how square his nose was. And he would always laugh while doing this. Never serious about it, but it was more like a common place joke he would do growing up in Quebec. He would always resort to the way he can tan so well in the summers as a more evident feature to prove that he has indian blood. No one knows her name or where she came from for sure, it was almost a mythical thing with him. Like the indian ghost from his past.

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