Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Design for a Rural Sustainability and Innovation Centre

The Aboiteaux Project(Facebook Group here) is the title for the thesis in which I am designing a space on the remaining wharf. It is a hybridization of existing structures with a new architecture enveloping it. The purpose is threefold;
1) It would be a holding place for local artist work and exhibition/archival space(See Site Media Inc.).
2) It would help to encourage the development of new business ideas and innovations.
3) It would act as a gathering space for a fish market and cafe.

Seen below are proposed plans,elevations and perspectives of the final design for the Centre. My hope is that someone will think this a brilliant idea and want to help see this idea come to a final fruition on the very wharf I am proposing for it to be built. Any takers?
Front Perspective of the Aboiteaux Centre -
Looking into the Library/Museum with the vista beyond

Lower Level - Partially Submerged and below wharf
Main Level - Main Access to wharf beyond
Upper Level - Allows for Viewing point
to entire harbour and surrounding landscape

West Elevation - Side view showing the Condo's behind
North Elevation - Shows how it would be seen from boat side

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