Friday, November 9, 2012

Exciting turn of events...

Having completed my masters and now officially done my academic requirements for becoming an architect. I have been looking at how to move into the world of creative consultation. Certainly one big skill needed out there is the ever growing development of Virtual Design. SO am now deciding to pursue being an Architectural Digital Design Consultant as I continue my education as an architect. Below is a sample rendering from the Revit model that was developed for my latest design while working at WalterFedy. I was able to see it through from schematic design to Construction and am showing some photos of completed work below. Apparently it has been a huge success for the University as everyone is excited to try out the latest space for their meals. Great fun to see it in the RealityCAVE as well!

Please feel free to comment on renderings and photos to let me know which ones you enjoy the most.

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