Monday, April 27, 2009

Aboiteaux at Caribou Harbour

Through this blog I hope to be able to track the progress of ideas and thesis material. As well it is an opportunity for those interested to be able to see what is brewing in my mind at the moment on the form and shape of my masters of architecture thesis.

A small introduction at the moment to the thesis is that it is will be a design thesis. It is envisioned that it will help to bring awareness to a very special place currently known as Caribou Harbour, Nova Scotia. It is the location of my thesis as a place that will house the design intervention known as L'Aboiteaux of Caribou Harbour. The design is to consist of an architectural space that will be a gathering and housing structure for the rich cultural history of this place and as well as a living memory factory where people can gather and continue to contribute to the very vibrant and rich culture of the region.

Overall this thesis hopes to honor and bring a greater awareness to the need for continued contribution to the existence of the Acadian nation. It hopes to create an architectural landmark that will act as place marker and a metaphorical analogy of the diasporic state of contemporary existence in the Maritime areas and its selective memory of past events within its geographical boundaries.

Situated at the crossroads between mainland Nova Scotia and PEI ferry services, Caribou Harbour has a rich history capable of negotiating the currents of the social context outlined above. It is a perfect place for contemplation and reflection, while asking those whom visit its shores to ponder further the realities that surround its contemporary state and the fluid movement of its future and past. It is the purpose of this thesis to architecturalize the geographical surface of Caribou Harbour as a space to receive the design proposed by this body of work.

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