Friday, April 10, 2009

L'aventure de L'architecture!

This blog is a self discovery of my Acadian ancestors and the development of my own personal architectural style that I hope to have inspired by my ancestral heritage and as well as contribute to the increasingly self-aware nation of Acadia.

J'éspère bientôt de pouvoir traduire mes idées en anglais en un français propre. Mais pour le moment tout mes idées sur l'architecture serons en anglais tant que je n'ai pas encore appris la langue professionel de l'architecture dans la belle langue française.

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  1. I believe I have found the idea to the final format of the thesis book I will be producing. Clearly there is a need in my thesis to allow for an unedited or authentic voice to be read upon completion. However equally as important will be the need to allow for a clear insight and academic voice to be read in parallel to the sometimes poetic or nostalgic narratives that are layered into the blog format. So with each posting it is hoped that a comment will be accompanied to clarify and lend greater credibility to the whole.