Thursday, May 21, 2009

Obsevation Site Photography- Float Tracks

These photos were taken on the spit between Munroe’s Island and the mainland, and is another good example of a remnant in the landscape showing evidence of the recent past.


These were very large holding cages for storing the live lobsters until they were packed and shipped by truck to the USA.

I can’t remember the total number of floats but there had to be 15-20.

The approximate size of these holding cages were about 40’ x20’. They were constructed to accommodate 20-25 trays. Each tray was filled with lobsters and sunk. Each hole that held the lobsters was numbered and dated. The floats were located in the Caribou Harbour at its deepest location and in the middle of the channel. The floats were locked together and formed a large artificial island. After the lobster season ended, the floats were towed to Munroe’s Island for storage. Narrow gauge railroad tracks were in place to allow the xxxx to move the floats to dry land. A Powerful 8 cycle engine was used to haul the floats up on the ramp.

During lobster season the caribou plant ran 18-20 hours a day/ 7 days a week. Lobsters were trucked in from all over the Maritimes where the season coincided with the Pictou area.

During the peak lobster season 350-500 employees worked at the Plant site. These employees came in from all parts in 3 of the 4 Maritime Provinces and Magdalene Islands.

(Quote from Interview with Bill MacDonald; Provided by Northumberland Fisheries Museum)

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